Author Guidelines

Teacher Plus is aimed primarily at the schoolteacher. It is a forum within which teachers can raise their concerns, discuss ideas, and share and update their knowledge. The magazine discusses alternative ways of thinking and doing within the context of the Indian classroom. Articles range from perspective pieces to practical, hands-on, classroom relevant activities. Most articles are written by schoolteachers, subject experts and educators but we also welcome articles by freelancers and those interested in education. We also publish unsolicited pieces.


All writers whose articles are published in the magazine are paid a nominal amount depending on word length, quality of writing, and complexity of the subject. Payments range from Rs 650 to Rs 2000. Writers also receive a free copy of the issue in which their article is published.


Most articles in Teacher Plus are of short and moderate length, although Cover stories are longer. Content, of course determines the length, but by and large, the range should be 800 to 1000 words for a two page article and 1500 to 2500 words for a cover story interspersed with photographs.


Writers are requested to email their articles or proposals to If the article is sent as an attachment, a Microsoft word file is the best.

Article proposals and submissions

If you have an idea or a proposal for an article, please send us a one-page summary or outline before you begin to write the article. Please note that an expression of interest in the proposal/idea is not a guarantee for publication. If the article shows promise, we will request you to send us the finished article within a stipulated date. The article will be published/scheduled for a particular issue:

(a) as it is

(b) with revisions, wherever necessary

(c) may not be published if it does not conform to what was suggested in the summary/outline.


The magazine reserves the right to edit all articles for brevity, language, style and grammatical correctness. The edited article is sent back to the writer for verification and consent/approval. Minor corrections will be done during the page layout to adhere to space constraints.

Style and Approach

The primary aim of all writers writing for Teachers Plus should not be to inform readers about major issues but to provide ideas on teaching about these issues in the classroom.While some background information is always helpful, a teacher can always refer to other sources. Teacher Plus is a tool for teachers to help them convey the complexity of certain issues to students. Since the magazine is not an academic journal, the approach to writing should be clear and straightforward, and engaging.

Note about you, the writer

Please add two lines about yourself and what you do and include your email ID for readers to respond to you directly if they have any queries.

Illustrations, photographs

Writers are free to send in photographs to accompany their articles.Every image should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). The images can be sent via email as a jpeg file.


Writers are required to cite or quote material used from other sources to add weight to their article. Credit must be given to the author by adding footnotes and references.


The topics under which writers can send in their contributions are given below with a brief description:

  • Cover story: Each issue of the magazine looks at an issue of current relevance to the practice, theory or politics of teaching.
  • Primary Pack: Articles on number work, language skills, arithmetic, art and craft activities for classes kindergarten to the fourth standard.
  • Classroom Update: Subject-specific activities and approaches to teaching challenging topics for middle and high school.
  • Resources: Materials that can extend your teaching tool-kit
  • Time-out: Extra-curricular activities for learning and enjoyment
  • Outreach: Taking the classroom into the community, and the other way round!
  • Project: Exploring a theme through the lens of different subjects, while learning about their essential interconnections. Each project comes with a richly illustrated poster that can stimulate discussion and activity.
  • Worksheet: Material teachers can copy and use directly in the classroom, each set of activities in the worksheet focuses on a particular skill or concept.
  • Classroom Management: This section looks at different approaches to managing the classroom.
  • Interventions: Features organizations and people who contribute to the field of education.
  • Continuing Education: Articles on why continuing education is necessary and how teachers can go about it.

For Photographers and Illustrators:

Teacher Plus is a platform that encourages freelance/amateur photographers and illustrators. The magazine is dedicated to the cause of education and targets school teachers who are its primary readers. The subjects for photographers and illustrators must revolve around education, schools, teaching, children, so on and so forth.

Queries for various topics are welcome. Illustrators can send in samples of their drawings via email. If the samples are satisfactory, Teacher Plus will assign the required topics. A rough drawing is sought and after it is approved, a final version can be sent.

Freelance/amateur photographers can send us photographs related to the above given topics. Interested photographers can also contact us for specific assignments. You can send us low resolution images in the beginning and if Teacher Plus approves of a photograph you can send a higher version of the same.

Please note that approved illustrations and photographs should at least be 300 dpi (dots per inches) and must be sent to us as jpg files or in Tiff format.

Any photograph or illustration that is approved for publication will be credited to the photographer/illustrator. Payment is Rs. 400 per photograph. For illustrations it ranges from Rs. 700 to 1500 depending on the type of illustration. If your photograph/illustration is used for the cover of the magazine the amount paid will be Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 for the May-June special issue.
Please write to us for more

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