Teacher Plus, the magazine for the contemporary school teacher, tells you how you can transform the lives of young children by making the school a place where both the teacher and the student can learn together. With thought-provoking features on education and user-friendly ideas for the classroom every month, Teacher Plus is a valuable toolkit for every school teacher across the country. The full colour magazine has something for every teacher—primary to middle to secondary. There is lots more to read as well with Teacher Plus bringing out two theme based special issues every year. The May-June issue, coming as it does during vacation time, is devoted to one subject, like math, biology, etc. And the December special issue is devoted to issues related one theme like educational reform, technology in education, learning spaces, etc.

Become part of the Teacher Plus community, learn from others’ experiences and share yours.

A Description of the Content
Each issue of the magazine carries a mix of hands-on and thought-provoking articles with enough variety to speak to teachers dealing with different age groups and subjects. Some of the regular features are described here:

  • Cover story: Each cover story looks at an issue of current relevance to the practice, theory or politics of teaching.
  • Primary Pack: Articles on number work, language skills, arithmetic, art and craft activities for classes kindergarten to the fourth standard.
  • Classroom Update: Subject-specific activities and approaches to teaching challenging topics for middle and high school.
  • Tool-Kit: Materials that can extend your teaching tool-kit
  • Time-out: Extra-curricular activities for learning and enjoyment
  • Outreach: Taking the classroom into the community, and the other way round!
  • First Steps: For the pre-primary teacher, articles to help recognize and develop the eight different intelligences in young children.
  • From the Principal’s Desk: School principals write about management issues that often crop up and how they deal with these issues.
  • The Other Side: A column that has students/parents sharing their views and experiences on different aspects of education.
  • Web Watch: A quick review of educational websites.
  • Project: Exploring a theme through the lens of different subjects, while learning about their essential interconnections. Each project comes with a richly illustrated poster that can stimulate discussion and activity.
  • Work Sheets: Material teachers can copy and use directly in the classroom, each set of activities focuses on a particular skill or concept.
  • Classroom Management: This section looks at different approaches to managing the classroom.
  • Interventions: Features organizations and people who contribute to the field of education.
  • Continuing Education: Articles on why continuing education is necessary and how teachers can go about it.
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